Thanks to its creativity, its passion and its professionalism, Servistyl becomes a partner of choice. Through its many collaborations with the major names in the high-end and luxury ready-to-wear, it has become a real reference in its field. Servistyl Innovation uses its total customized services for each of its clients in their projects.


Servistyl Innovation offers an extensive range of materials and techniques to be closer to your needs.

Warp and weft :   From blur to formal (coat, jacket, dress, blouse, top, skirt, pants)

Jersey cut and sewn:   Jacket, top, dress, sweater.

Mesh :   From the gauge 14 to the gauge 3, from hand knitting to crochet, Servistyl Innovation controls the greatest aspects of the meshwork.


Thanks to its numerous partners, Servistyl Innovation offers an extensive range of materials effects including surface treatment, embroidery, printing, screen printing, scraping, the continuous dyeing or in part, stone, fading…





In its study office, Servistyl Innovation has a passionate and professional team and high-performance equipment

In addition to templates library, Servistyl Innovation masters digitizing templates softwares, such as Gerber, which allow Servistyl innovation to offer a complete and effective service.

From an idea or a sketch, our prototypists and mechanics models ensure the development of templates and assembly of the prototype. For accurate results and adapted to customer requirements, Servistyl Innovation valids the prototype by fitting on a cabin model in your office or in our premises.

Customers: Workshop manager, Product Managers, Production Managers, Designers ofthe leading luxury and fashion brands.


Thanks to an extensive range of techniques, quality fabrics and threads, Servistyl Innovation can offer you a materials selection. This sourcing service allows Servistyl Innovation to adapt to the demands and needs of customers in a better way. In addition to this service, Servistyl Innovation has its own fabric library.